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  • Pickup suggestions

    My first post!

    Hello, I have trouble deciding what pick ups to put in my ibanez rg350dx (basswood,h-s-h,locking trem) I want a nice trash rythm tone (similar to Megadeth) and a sweet lead tone (similar to Steve Vai). I was thinking of puting a sd invader in the neck and a dimarzio evo in the bridge, what do you guys suggest?



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    Re: Pickup suggestions

    Up u go!


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      Re: Pickup suggestions

      i wouldn't put the invader in the neck. too much bass and will get muddy. im not a big fan of the evo, but i had it in a mahogany guitar which is different than the JEM.

      i like the sweet lead tones in the neck that a '59 brings, and the tone of a Custom. my personal recommendation would be a Duncan Custom in bridge and '59 in neck.

      the Custom kicks ass!!!!


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        Re: Pickup suggestions

        heh im not a big fan of the invader in the neck as well.
        hmm i play lots of megadeth type stuff and for me these are the combinations that work best for thrash metal tone plus sweet leads especially for a basswood axe like most of the RG series.

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