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Double Cream Set!!

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  • Double Cream Set!!

    Anyone up for a couple of Double Cream pups? Would $120.00 be to much to spend for these?
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    Re: Double Cream Set!!

    Those sure are pretty.....kind of reminds me of these:

    Double Cream

    I haven't checked the prices of a standard nickel covered JB/59' set agains't John's or Lew's prices......but you can get exactly what you want for around the same price. Wierd that only one has a logo....I'd like to have just the 59'.

    My set of APH's didn't set me back the BIN price.
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      Re: Double Cream Set!!

      Originally posted by Jeff_H
      Wierd that only one has a logo....
      Every neck pickup I've ever had has been logo-less...

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      Originally posted by HamerPlyr
      I'm already wearing the costume, and Fredericks of Hollywood on the corset and also on the panties, which, of course, have the "convenience crotch".


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        Re: Double Cream Set!!

        you mean like this one?

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          Re: Double Cream Set!!

          All the sudden I'm gassing for a set of Double Creams!! I don't have anything that they would look very good in at the moment, but who cares. I want them anyway. Aaaahhhhhh.....It never ends.


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            Re: Double Cream Set!!

            I've got a double creme Antiquity bridge kicking around in one of my guitar/amp tool boxes. I've never gotten into the whole Double/zebra thing. But, if you're into it, I'ld go for it. You might be able to do better than $120, but if not, it's still a decent price.
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