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SD 59 coil split?

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  • SD 59 coil split?


    i'm new here. Search te faq but couldn't find the answer on previous forums.

    Question: Is it possible to split te SD59 in my Pacifica Mike Stern. It's a 2 conductor humbucker, and if it's possible wil it do any good? Maybe more tele sound?

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    Re: SD 59 coil split?

    Welcome to the Forum!

    If your 59 is a two conductor humbucker, it's impossible to split without rewiring. If you do want to split your neck humbucker, you need to get a four conductor version. It won't sound exactly like a single coil when split, but it will be close and will giive you another sound to play with. I personally like split humbuckers at the neck of my guitars.

    BTW, how is the Stern model? It caught my eye when it was introduced but I haven't gotten around to trying one.
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      Re: SD 59 coil split?


      thanks for your anwser. Maybe i can trade mine with some one with a 4 conductor cable. Or otherwise i'll go by one

      I'm very happy with the mike Stern model, it sounds very nice, and plays amazingly well for a telecaster type guitar. It's got a hotrails at the bridge and the 59 at the neck. So it's accually quit an allround guitar. I play it tru my vox valvetronix ad120vt, and it sounds lovely. With a coil split it will even be even more versatile ....