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Hot rails with musicman silent circuit wiring

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  • Hot rails with musicman silent circuit wiring

    I have a musicman silhouette and just replaced the bridge singlecoil pickup with a seymour duncan hotrail + a switch for selecting only a single coil of the hotrail.
    The silhouette has a so named silent circuit which actually is a small box with mysterious electronics in it and a couple of wires going in and out. When I use the hotrail in 'single-coil-mode' I'd like to use the silent circuit also, but nothing can be found about the wiring of this silent-system.
    Can anyone help me find the right schematics?

    Musicman Silhouette Special (with silent circuit)
    2x singlecoil 1x hotrail (bridge). 1 On-On-On switch.
    Finally I'd like to have a setup where I can switch the hotrail between, single-coil, humbucker and 'parallel'

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    Re: Hot rails with musicman silent circuit wiring

    welcome to the forum!!

    cant really help ya, but im guessing that the "silent circut" is a dummy coil.

    have you opened up the guitar? where do the wires from the box go?