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J-Bass Treble buzz

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  • J-Bass Treble buzz

    Howdy folks,
    I am thinking of getting the SD neck and bridge 1/4lb pups for my new recently acquired mexican made Jazzbass. The stock ones have an annoying buzzing sound especially the treble control when i turn it up. Mind you i am nowhere near any florescent lighting or faulty ac outlets. If i get these pups will this sound go away?. If anyone else uses these, give me a holla.

    Thanx for the input

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    Re: J-Bass Treble buzz

    Sounds like a grounding issue.... go for the SD's and wire it up right, you'll be thankful.
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      Re: J-Bass Treble buzz

      Originally posted by Indie P Bass
      Sounds like a grounding issue.
      Yes it's def a grounding issue. I took apart the back metal plate on the J-bass that houses the three knob controls and noticed the 1\4" output jack was wired but not grounded. Dunno if that would correct my problem because the "buzz" is coming from the tone control and nothing else. But the buzz is still there even when i turn the tone down, but not as "trebly" so to speak.
      Any suggestions on what gauge wire i should use?
      Also should i ground this wire to the bridge or just splice it to an existing ground wire that runs to the bridge? I would like to do this as simply as possible without having to take the bridge apart.


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        Re: J-Bass Treble buzz

        Jazz basses like many Fenders have a small hole underneith the bridge and the bridge ground wire pokes up through the hole and the pressure from the bridge being screwed to the body is what makes the connection between the wire and the bridge. You don't need to take the bridge apart but you do need to remove the bridge to check that connection. Sometimes the wire is imbedded into the wood causing a weak connection and on some non-MIA Fender guitars the wire is not there at all. It needs to be there so check it out.

        The output jack should have two wires. The tip terminal should go to the center tone pot terminal and the sleeve terminal like the bridge ground should be connected to a pot chassis. If the jack leads are reversed you'll get hum.

        With Jazz basses both pickups volume controls must be at 10 for the pickups to be hum cancelling. If you are rolling one pot down you will add hum. That will not be changed by Quarter Pounders.

        The QPs are killer pickups and your output and tone will be significantly improved by using them. If you want a completely hum free Jazz Bass the Hot Stacks will be a better choice.

        Lastly, a bad pot can cause hum and the pots in MIM Fender products aren't exactly top of the line. If your wiring is all correct I'd change out the pots to cure the hum and change out the pickups to improve the tone.

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          Re: J-Bass Treble buzz

          Good info Rob,
          Thanx a bunch!
          I am really into hot-modding this bass. Do you have any suggestions for volume and tone pots? I am looking thru a catalogue and only notice audio taper and blend pots. But see nothing about "tone" pots etc. I am not a pro at this, but i do appreciate a good

          Thanx for any info!