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Will this CLASH OF THE TITANS work?

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  • Will this CLASH OF THE TITANS work?

    Is there any reason I shouldn't be able to have an Air Norton in the neck and a Custom Custom in the bridge? Maybe some ultra higher power will strike lightning upon my guitar for mixing brands? Will I be able to wire them to the same tone/volume/bassboost/trebleboost pots?
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    Re: Will this CLASH OF THE TITANS work?

    im not sure about how these two pickups will work technically, but i have some good experiences with mixing SD's and DiMarzios (i said what i said). So far, no greater being has smited me for doing the unthinkable, but its still possible. But until then, my guitar screams, so im gona keep rockin.
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      Re: Will this CLASH OF THE TITANS work?

      I occasionally mix a JB and an Air Norton, and to great result.
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