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  • JB or Screamin Deamon

    i am having trouble deciding between the JB and the Screamin Deamon. which would you guys choose? the guitar is poplar or alder (2 different answers from the manufacturer), maple bolt on neck/rosewood fretboard, Kahler trem. music will cover classic rock to metal. the guitar is a Peavey Tracer custom made in '89.

    my amp is a fender blues deville 410. i plan to change the tubes at some point, and i am also trying to decide on a distortion/ overdrive pedal too.

    i like alot of mids, tight bass, and controlled treble(not too fizzy sounding)

    thanks in advance for all the help.

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    Re: JB or Screamin Deamon

    They're both good choices. The Demon is kind of like a tweaked 59, with a bit of a glassy edge and just enough output to cut through for leads. The JB has a sweeter midrange, and can drive the amp more, yet still cleans up very well with volume knob tweaks.

    Just curious, what do you use as a neck pickup, if any?

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      Re: JB or Screamin Deamon

      The JB definitely has more mids, both have tight bass, but I find the Demon is brighter. Based on your requirements, I'd go JB.
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        Re: JB or Screamin Deamon

        i say go JB as well.
        almost everyone here loves what it can do plus its more suited for u from ur description i think.
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          Re: JB or Screamin Deamon

          I had a demon in my esp lynch model...then I replaced it with a distortion...hated I'm gettin' a JB in it..I pick it up I can't comment on the JB yet, but to me, the demon didn't have quite enough if I had the guitar's volume on 8, but not all the way up..I liked the eq curve did have good harmonics..I just couldn't get the attack out of it on the lows like I wanted that's why I went with the JB..similar eq curve and just a little more output...

          once I play with it for a little while I'll post my thoughts on it...but that's just my two cents on the demon
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            Re: JB or Screamin Deamon

            JB in the bridge and a demon in the neck


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              Re: JB or Screamin Deamon

              I love my Demon in the bridge on my Wolfgang, sounds good in both alder and basswood.
              The JB is also a very nice pickup, but I like to be different and I like the loweroutput PAFS


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                Re: JB or Screamin Deamon

                Just curious, what do you use as a neck pickup, if any?[/QUOTE]

                stock single coils that sound ok clean, but terrible dirty. i really only like the sound of a bridge humbucker, so i probably wont do anything regarding the neck.

                i am curious what middle pickup would compliment the JB at the bridge though. any suggestions?


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                  Re: JB or Screamin Deamon

                  i use ssl-5 in the middle and neck with a JB and i used ssl-1 with a screamin demon
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                    Re: JB or Screamin Deamon



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                      Re: JB or Screamin Deamon

                      APH-1 now together with my Demon.
                      Great combo.


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                        Re: JB or Screamin Deamon

                        Definately a JB the Demon is ok but the JB beats it hands down IMHO.


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                          Re: JB or Screamin Deamon

                          Dunno if it beats it, a JB can be quite annoying in the long run....
                          Where the Demon is more pleasing in overall.


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                            Re: JB or Screamin Deamon

                            JB = fantastic distortion + even more fantastic clean


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                              Re: JB or Screamin Deamon

                              Nah the cleans on a JB is far from fantastic....more like a muffled nosy sound but better with some crunch added to it, it really likes drive.