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  • Dummy single-coil

    I recently replaced my single coil bridge pup in my mexcian strat with a SD Lil '59. Before that, a guy that worked in my city, wired a single coil pup to my bridge pup, (eliminated the hum, but I dont think it actually was wired for sound, just humbucking purposes... if that's possible) which was stored behind the volume/tone controls.
    I wasted no time in tearing the thing out, as the 59 is noiseless anyways. Afterwards, I was left with 2 questions; how can I use the extra pup and wire it to my neck position single coil, as I like the sound I have on the neck pup.
    The second question, was posed to me on another board after I heralded the effectiveness of this technique, and the inquisitor wanted to know how to do this to his strat, on the bridge pup.
    Basically, is there anyone that can tell me where to solder the wires to use this technique in both the bridge and neck positions, or maybe a link to a diagram?
    I wish I had paid more attention when I was taking the old one out... but alas the excitement was overwhelming over my impending new sound, and all I seen of the old monster was quickly laid to rest once the 59 was installed.
    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: Dummy single-coil

    bump! ! !


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      Re: Dummy single-coil ...
      Look up Power House Strat (disregard preamp/mid boost assembly) ...
      The pups are the same, the middle is NOT RW/RP ...for a humbucker being selected you must disengage the coil in that position. The DC merely provides the same duty as a RW pup. And yes, they change your tone which is why most people don't use them without a buffering preamp, unless the pups were designed to work around it (like the blueshawk's were).
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        Re: Dummy single-coil


        i have a guitar with neck and mid single coil and hotrails in volume one how do you wire it cause i don't think you can disable the coil when selecting bridge....


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          Re: Dummy single-coil

          if you have no tone control on the bridge PU you can probably just wire it to the tone circuit.
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            Re: Dummy single-coil

            man! ! ! you rock....


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              Re: Dummy single-coil

              Hell yah, thanks!!!