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need help choosing pickups

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  • need help choosing pickups

    I just bought a Jackson PC-3 (quilt maple top and neck, mahogany body, floyd rose) and am looking at swapping out the pickups (stock Duncan Designed) for something better. I play a variety of jazz and rock, but this guitar I want mostly for 80's rock and fusion purposes, maybe the occasional blues tune. So what I need is two singles (preferrably noise-free) that won't be drowned out by a humbucker, and a hum with moderately high output and good harmonicsand highs, but a nice warm tone that isn't screamy. Any advice would be appreciated, I know nothing about pickups (which I guess also means I'm not partial to any particular brand).

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    Re: need help choosing pickups

    welcome to the forum!!
    moderatly high output, warm with good harmonics sounds like a cc to me
    as far as the singles i might go with a lil 59 in the neck and a duckbucker in the middle. youll have a good all around guitar that will kick out the 80's style rock in the neck and bridge with a nice stratty tone from the middle pup for clean passages


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      Re: need help choosing pickups

      I'm thinking along the same lines a Jeremy, but I'd go with a Cool Rails in the neck and a Vintage Rails in the middle. The sound will be very similar to the Lil' 59/Duck, but string spacing and balance will be a non-issue because fo the rails.

      Of course, rails do look awesome too.
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