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Can someone assist with soldering?

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  • Can someone assist with soldering?

    Hi all,

    I finally installed the C-5 in the bridge of my LP. But, I am worried I screwed something sounds like I did it okay....but I won't be able to get a good idea till tomorrow because it is way too late to get any volume.
    The white and red are soldered and taped off. The green abd bare are soldered to the pot, but the solder joint is a little rusty at parts like it is burnt or has been over heated. The thing is, I had a hard time getting the new solder to work with whatever my tech used........reacted like water and oil. The thing is, I tried to completely use the existing solder, but I had a hard time keeping it hot enough to get the wires in enough to become flush with the pot. They are in the solder and hence connected.......but the solder may be doing more of the connecting if that makes sense. The black and the white(from the other pot) fed through the post and soldered. The thing is.....with this also, it was hard to heat the post enough so I had to actually touch the sodler which is bad, right?

    I always heard you should touch the spot on the pot to be soldered...then touch the solder to the same spot to pool without touching the iron. Then lay the wire in the solder and remove the iron.

    Should I use something stronger than 30 watts!?

    My big concern is that I have them connected secure enough...but I do know they are not going anywhere. The other thing is that while the solder points seem shiny, they have some rusty color to them like they were over cooked. Hehe

    Should I remove all solder ans start over?


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    Re: Can someone assist with soldering?

    If it works ok, who cares what it looks like? Well, it might make a difference over time. Do you have a multimeter to test all of the connections & grounds?

    If it doesn't work, starting over is probably a good plan. I always try to remove as much of the old solder as possible. De-soldering braid from Radio Shack works well for me. Roughing the top of the pot up with sandpaper and using flux isn't a bad idea either. I think 30 watts should be enough.

    This may be overkill, but here are two useful references:

    Hope this helps,

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      Re: Can someone assist with soldering?


      I do have desoldering braid but it didn't seem to do much because I was under the impression that I couldn't have heat going to the pot for more than a few seconds! Maybe I shouldn't have re-used the solder but many, many guys do with fine results.

      What is flux? I thought this was in most modern solder?

      Thanks again!

      PS...I'll be at my guitar tech's house next week and will ask him to take a look for sure. He can always re-do it if I want.


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        Re: Can someone assist with soldering?

        The problem is the solder is turning brown from all the action from the iron.

        I was told by some that it is important to not touch the iron to the solder......only touch the pot till it is hot enough for the solder to flow right on....then drop the solder and add the wire. I guess you need to touch the iron right at the point next to where you want the solder?

        I thought it was the same for the posts...


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          Re: Can someone assist with soldering?

          Some times when soldering the flux will brown from the heat and actually can become sticky over time. If your worried about heating the pot an allagator clip attached below the sloder jonit can be used as a heat dam. How ever its tough to get enough room to work. You only want to use enough heat to get the solder to melt and release the joint. The solder wick which lookes like braided wire is suppose to soak up the melted solder but some times can be stubborn. I like to use a soft small brass wire brush (Lowes, Home Depot or what ever you choose) to clean up the spot. Heating the pots too much can affect the ressistance and some times affect the resins used to make them.
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            Re: Can someone assist with soldering?

            Radeon, so the flux is in the solder? Do you know why my solder wouldn't work with the existing solder? Like oil and water! I guess turning brown or rusty isn't an issue?

            With the brush, do you also heat the solder and then brush away??? With the desoldering braid, you have to heat it forever and yes it is very stubborn!

            Could I fry the pot by touching it with the braid for too long?

            The thing is, i have plenty of volume, and no crackling in the I'm good?


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              Re: Can someone assist with soldering?

              IF the sloder is multi core it can contain flux you need to check the lable. If it came with the kit in a little coil is usually does. Some read solid core and that type usually requires flux. Even though the flux is in some solders it ususlly burns off so ther is not enough to make a good joint by reheating it again and some extra needs to be applied. One why to help reduce the amount needed is to tin the wire. What that means it heat the wire until it will accept the solder and presolder just let it flow in the wire. The wire will wick the solder just like the stuff you use to remove solder but eaiser so be careful you migth melt some shielding or wire cover no bigge though. Then heat the connection until you can see the solder change or it is really soft then use the brush to clean it up. BEEEE Carfule hot solder is no fun on the skin. Once you have clean joint then you can either make a small J bend on the end of the wire or just hold it to the connecton. Heat them both until the solder melts and makes a nice clean connection. You really shoud practice on putting a couple of wires together first to get the feel of it. Once you have the touch it will be a breeze any time you want to solder something. You could technicaly fry the pots but you would have to heat them up pretty high to do this. I dont use the braid I have a solder sucker or a childs nose sucker (I am not sure what you call it) will work. The bulb kind you use for babbies will work great and its cheap. By sounds of it you have a good joint and are good to go. Just double check your work and enjoy the new sounds. Sorry about such a long post.
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