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What are these dimarzio pickups like....

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  • What are these dimarzio pickups like....

    Im looking at a warmoth that comes with a dimarzio virtual solo single in the bridge and two virtual vintage blues singles in the middle and neck.

    What are these pickups like, and what are they capable of tone wise?
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    Re: What are these dimarzio pickups like....

    try using hot stack (as dimarzio virtual solo) and classic stack (as virtual blues)
    the hot stack sound more like overwound strat


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      Re: What are these dimarzio pickups like....

      The solo is a very warm pup, kinda a cross between a single and a p-90 tone wise very nice, the blues are nice, but you'd probably want a glassier pup in the middle position, a heavy blues would make a nice neck pup in a bright guitar, in a warmer guitar i'd stick with the blues though. The reason behind having a glassier pup in the middle is to emphasize the 2 & 4 positions, to bring back some cluck, and quack, the middle by itself giving chime ... a V.V. 54 would be a good choice there.
      It really depends on what you want, there is plenty of high end in the V.V. blues, but they aren't real chimey, just enough brightness to sound open on chords and cut thru on single notes, either clean or overdriven.
      If you want sparkle and chime you need to look at some others in the series, also the heavy blues would be a better choice in the bridge position if you want more clean chime from that position ... You my also want your neck to be the chimiest, well then you would want you middle a bit fatter, in that case, a 54 neck, 54 bridge (in the middle), and then maybe a heavy blues, or V.V. Bridge (it gets confusing because their other three VVs are oddly named) ... the question of what kind of tones are they capable of really deosn't make since anymore than, what kind of tones are the sd stacks capble of. Depends on what you want to get out of your instrument ... there is more versatility in the VV series, thru sheer number alone, best advice hit diMarzio's site, there is a VV implementation chart on there somewhere that give examples of the different combos of those pups. Think about that, and compare to your body and fingerboard woods ... that's you best bet.
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        Re: What are these dimarzio pickups like....

        Thanks for that guys, i dont think ill be buying more dimarzios, its just that im about to buy a guitar with those pickups in it already.

        I actually wanted to put fralins in it, but if these dimarzios are good enough they will probably stay there for a while anyway.
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