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Put SD pups in my Agile Guitars

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  • Put SD pups in my Agile Guitars

    This is my first post. I've been reading info about the different pickups for a while and finally took the plunge into SD heaven. Thanks to this forum.

    I bought a few Agile guitars online for a very low price. One is a 335 clone with gold hardware (as-820) and the other was an SG style copy (valkyrie).

    The pickups were cheap ceramic humbuckers with a drab dull sound. I decided since i really like the guitars and they seem to be built pretty good to put in some SD sets.

    I bought a set of Gold cover 59s and put them in my 335 clone. I also wanted to get a nice bright sound so i also replaced the volume pots with 1mg WD pots. .022 caps.

    Boy does this guitar sing now. Nice and bright and then i can turn the tone pots down and mellow it right out. But it definately made this a great guitar to play.

    For my SG copy, I decided to go with the JB/JAZZ set. I also replaced the volumes with 1mg pots. same caps and pots as my 335 clone.

    Now it screams and wails just like it should. I can't seem to sit the guitars down for very long without picking them up and trying some other styles. The jazz pup mellows out with a tone pot adjustment. great for jazz chording

    I haven't even got into the "series/split/parallel" push/pull pots yet.

    oh setup?.....wait till you hear this...

    how bout an old Digitech RP-1 into a 1978 vibro-champ mic'd with an sm57 beta. The amp is still stock except for replacing the tubes. This setup really is a nice for recording.

    I've been so use to bright twangy guitars like tele/strat style. i even used barden tele pups for years and they dont come much brighter or hotter. i never was into the whole humbucker sound because i'm more country pickin' and twang. but after playing these pups, i'm starting to convert
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    Re: Put SD pups in my Agile Guitars

    Cool. Great news leftjay!!! Glad you're happy with the pups. Now you know what so many of us here have known for quite some time. Also, Welcome to the forum, hope you stick around and share your .02 when you feel inclined.