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Just got my Alnico 2pro

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  • Just got my Alnico 2pro

    I have just replaced my stock humbucking neck pickup with a APH1 in my PRS santana se, and its fantastic. Its actually got quite a bit of volume without a slightest hint of distorting the clean channel. Not to dark in this guitar, and alot clearer than the stock. Its articulate and you can hear each note clearly.
    It is very smooth and round and also great with some overdrive without losing the above qualities. Not to muddy, or bassy. Has a very nice bluesy neck tone which sounds very much like slash's sweet child of mine. Also splits very well and sounds very stratty and funky, and balances very well with the custom in the bridge.

    Overall its a great pickup for the neck thanks guys for your advice.
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    Re: Just got my Alnico 2pro

    Sweet. I don't have experience with that pickup but I heard the SD CD, and that pickup does get a good Santana style tone.. glad you like it.
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      Re: Just got my Alnico 2pro

      A great pup indeed.


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        Re: Just got my Alnico 2pro

        Enjoy it, knowing that you've got the back of many tone gurus. A FINE choice. Love its liquidy feel and taste.


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          Re: Just got my Alnico 2pro

          Welcome to the club. The APH is one of the best neck buckers on the market.
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