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Review: Custom Shop A2P (Slash) pickup

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  • Review: Custom Shop A2P (Slash) pickup

    Hey guys...Well I got my Alnico II Pro from the Custom shop the other day and I've had a couple days to try it out. Here's the info:

    I just got one, a neck position, but I'm planning to order the bridge later 7.6k, scatterwound, 20 gauss, single conductor, reverse zebra.

    First off, I should say that I DO like an extremely wide range of music, but with this pickup (and this guitar), I'm going for more of a classical rock, blues rock type of vibe. The guitar is an alder flying V with a maple/rosewood neck. Its natural acoustic tone is punchy and bright, but real airy and open.

    I have used a couple different pickups in this V, dimarzios, duncans, etc and have come close to the sound that I wanted for the neck but never nailed it. Well, I think I just might have with the CS A2P. Basically when it comes to the neck position, I like to have a pickup that first and foremost is clean and concise. Something that lets the natural tone shine through without coloring it too much. I like a slightly rounded off top end on the attack so that the sound is round and smooth, kinda "hollow" and fat but with plenty of body.

    The CS A2P delivers all that and more Plugging into my Witchdoctor, I got some very smooth and silky lead tones out of the pickup. Very strong and airy and you can feel some extra mojo in there. That's the hardest part to describe, the feel. This pickup really makes everything feel like one unit--if that makes any sense If you've heard Slash's studio version of the Godfather theme, that gives you a nice idea of the tone.

    The cleans were also very nice. It's very sparkly and chimey, but not aggressive or spikey.

    Bottom line, it's an all around great pickup It's open, it's airy, the high end is very smooth but cuts through extremely well. It feels very strong and has a great push/pull type of response. The lows are buttery, the mids are sweet, the highs are glassy.

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    Re: Review: Custom Shop A2P (Slash) pickup

    Hi MJ

    Thanks for the review as I'm really interested in the Slash Custom Shop. While I know the Custom Shop / CS is scatter wound and also aged, What I would really like to know though is whether there is any difference in the CS pickup and the standard Alnico II Pro?

    Enjoy your new PUP!!!


    Dublin, Ireland