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I just cant get away from SD p-ups!!!!

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  • I just cant get away from SD p-ups!!!!

    Well, last night I was tinkering and I wanted more gain/distortion in my R7 Gold Top Les Paul. So I pulled out my 80's zebra Distortion and my 80's zebra JB and loaded it up (both made by MJ ). I put the JB in the neck and the Distortion in the bridge. Woo hoo...this guitar is hot!!! I did have to tinker with the JB because the wire was not long enough. I ended up making it a braided single wire ala the '59 or PAF's. I didn't use any tone pots.

    In all of my years I have never used a JB in the neck of any guitar. I love it. Clear tone and you can hear every note when doing any shred scale.

    Rock on!!!!
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