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how to use a 5 way switch as a 3 way

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  • how to use a 5 way switch as a 3 way

    I searched the pdf's and wasn't able to find a schematic that shows me how I could use the 5 way switch in my Schecter C-1 EX as a 3 way switch. I guess I could just go out and buy the 3 way... But it irritates me that I can't seem to figure out the wiring for it. Bottom line is I installed a coil tap and I want the selector switch to go from neck to blend to bridge.

    Anyone have any tips, experience, or a schematic that might help me out?
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    Re: how to use a 5 way switch as a 3 way

    A 5-way switch has 3 terminals, and a "common", with 5 handle positions.
    A 3-way will only have 2 terminals and a "common", with 3 handle positions.

    So, one thing you could do, would be to just use the first two terminals, and the first three handle positions. You'ld wire it, more or less, like this:

    You just wouldn't connect either of those two red/white combo's. Of course, that will leave you with two "dead" positions on the switch. (Actually, position #4 will be the same as #3, with only the bridge selected.)