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Split a H/B in a 5 way switch Config.

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  • Split a H/B in a 5 way switch Config.

    I'm after some info and advice on wiring some pickups I just bought from you guys. I have a 3 pickup configuration (2 H/B's at neck & Bridge and a Single Coil in the middle) with a standard 5 way strat style switch (running a split in the 2 and 4 position).....But I also want to install a push/pull pot on the volume to activate a split coil configuration when in the neck H/B position. I'm not sure how to wire this split into the 5 way switch configuration.
    Your wisdom would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks, Oakus.
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    Re: Split a H/B in a 5 way switch Config.

    Hi Oakus; I'm not exactly sure what you mean by "running a split in the 2 and 4 position". Normally, 2 is neck and middle, with 4 being bridge and middle.

    Regardless, in order to split the neck humbucker, you just take its red and white wire, which should be soldered together somewhere, and connect them to the middle lug of your push/pull pot. Then connect the top lug of that same wafer to ground.

    You can use this drawing as a reference, just note that you want the ground connection of the switch on the top lug, rather than the bottom lug. (To give "split" operation when the knob is pulled.)

    Let us know if you need any more clarification.


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      Re: Split a H/B in a 5 way switch Config.

      some guys wire 2 and 4 to be "neck (split) in parallel with the middle" and the "bridge (split) in parallel with the middle" ...

      you could use a DPDT push/pull to be able to split either the neck or the bridge .. then just connect the output of the DPDT to the 5-way .. in pos 2 and 4, you'd have either possibilty (hum + middle or split + middle, depending on if you were pushed or pulled)

      good luck
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        Re: Split a H/B in a 5 way switch Config.

        Hi Oakus -

        Are you starting with this schematic? I know it only has 1 tone control - are you using 2 tones, and if so, do you want the second tone control on the middle or bridge pickup? (I'll add that later if you do.)

        Anyway, if you start with that schematic, you could run a wire from the neck pickup's red/white connection on the 5-way switch to the middle terminal on a push/pull switch and connect the "top" terminal on the same side of the switch to ground (just like Artie showed you).

        Also, I agree with t4d about having the switch split the bridge too. Since you only need one side of the push/pull to split a humbucker, why not use the other side to split the bridge pickup too?

        Last, if you're working on a Strat or anything else with a similar volume pot location, I'd strongly advise against putting a push/pull in the volume spot. When it's pulled up, I hit the darn thing constantly with my right hand...

        Hope this helps,

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          Re: Split a H/B in a 5 way switch Config.

          Thanks very much guys. I think I'm all straight on what to do. Cheers.
          Thanks again. Oakus.

          Ps. This site is awesome.