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Thinking of going back to S/S/S

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  • Thinking of going back to S/S/S

    I was thinking of putting the S/S/S pickguard back on my Strat . Tell me what would work for a a blues up to hard rock tone . From some other threads i`ve read I was thinking a JBjr. in the bridge and Classic Stacks in the middle and neck would get me close?
    When asking for pickup suggestions please tell us what amp you`re using

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    Re: Thinking of going back to S/S/S

    That set will work very well in a strat for what you want to do.
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      Re: Thinking of going back to S/S/S

      if you like the APS2 try this...APS in the neck and middle, and a lil 59 in the bridge...that is a killer...if you want it all noiseless try either Duckbuckers or Vintage rails in the neck and middle and either a JB Jr, or a lil 59 in the bridge!
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