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  • Evolution or JB?!

    i just purchased an Ibanez RG3120. it came with a tone zone in the bridge and a PAF pro in the neck... but im planning to change the tone zone to an Evolution, because the tone zone ended up being too bassy on the lower strings, but i LOVE the PAF pro... very punchy, full of attack and harmonic-rich. the store didnt have an evolution, but strongly suggested that i get a JB/59 combo instead, which means me paying more for another pickup, replacing the PAF pro.

    now, the whole point of this thread: before i follow my instincts and order an Evolution, and wait for 2 weeks, i need a second opinion on whether i get the duncans (JB/59) over the Evolution and whether it's worth spending more for the 59... also, im not so sure whether the JB would be too thin and too shrill for my taste.

    p.s. my musical style and taste ranges from old-school metallica, ozzy, earth wind and fire, van halen and 311.

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    Re: Evolution or JB?!

    I wouldn't take out the paf pro, you like it, don't pay for something your not sure about, especially when it'll be replacing something you already like.

    The Evolutions are screamers, really sharp razor attack high output laserbeam type tone, not exactly typical, some people like them, I played a JEM with them and didn't care for them.

    Anyway if bass was the only problem with tone zone, look around on dimarzio's website, read the descriptions, and look at the tone charts for something with similar output and EQ. I.E= air zone, breed models.
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