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Metal pickup for neck

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  • Metal pickup for neck

    Is the Full Shred a good choice for the hard and heavy? Or maybe a Deamon? Differences between them?
    Me(n)tal Distortion

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    Re: Metal pickup for neck

    I would say FS. Read the thread about misleading pup names, the demon was one of them. Try the pup, and if you want you can always exchange it (21 day policy).
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      Re: Metal pickup for neck

      my favorite neck pickusp are the full shred, Jazz .
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        Re: Metal pickup for neck

        the FS retains single note clarity under high gain/ drive. if you solo in the neck, this unit is especially rewarding. i favour 2 pickups for such settings- the FS, the other being the Distortion
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          Re: Metal pickup for neck

          The Distortion neck model is pretty good. Dark and thick.
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            Re: Metal pickup for neck

            I actually like a SD '59 bridge p-up for the neck position. It is nice and focused and has the clarity you need. Plus it works well with higher output bridge p-ups.


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              Re: Metal pickup for neck

              for the hard and heavy? You might want to look at something other duncans also. EMG and Dimarzio make some decent pups. alot of people have said that duncans always sound a little more organic and vintage (not to say they can't do anything else....). But as far as neck I'd reccomend a Dimarzio Air Norton. I've never owned one but have played it through a jcm 2000 in a used HH style Ibanez with Air Zone in the Bridge.
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                Re: Metal pickup for neck

                the full shred neck will sound great lots of clarity to it !!!!!!!!!!!
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                  Re: Metal pickup for neck

                  Thank you guys. Your info is very useful. I think I'll get the Full Shred finaly.
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