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  • Bendetto Humbuckers

    Has anybody on this forum tried these? I am curious just to get any insight as to how they sound.

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    Re: Bendetto Humbuckers

    I asked Evan, in the chat room, about this just recently.
    When I get home, I'll find that segment of the transcript, and post his reply.


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      Re: Bendetto Humbuckers

      Originally posted by Peterku
      It's funny that - if I remember well, Artietoo realized this first - Benedettos are one of the few pickup brands no one knows too much about here. I've seen several threads similar to this (I also launched one), and they all died in silence...

      BTW, I have an A-6 model here for my solidbody jazz guitar that's under construction at the moment. I've never heard or tried it before, but by january (or maybe february, I'm not too optimistic...) the guitar will be ready and I'll be able to write a review about the pickup.
      Thanks guys. I am a little surprised that Benedetto pickups are not too well known on this board, considering they are made by seymour duncan too.


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        Re: Bendetto Humbuckers

        I need to try these out. I'm thinking PAF/A6 combo in black chrome.
        Ain't nothin' but a G thang, baby.


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          Re: Bendetto Humbuckers

          Note: The following chat room conversation was editted to only include the part relevant to Benedetto pickups.

          <ArtieToo> hey Evan, got time for a quick pup question?
          <Evan> of course
          <Evan> lay it on me, brutha
          <ArtieToo> No one in the forum ever seems to have much Benedetto experience.
          <Evan> ok
          <Evan> i do
          <Evan> ;-)
          <ArtieToo> I was wondering how an A6 compares to Antiquities.
          <Evan> similarities:
          <Evan> both have polycarbonate bobbins
          <Evan> nickel silver bottom plates
          <Evan> nickel plated screws and studs
          <Evan> long leg bottom plates
          <Evan> nickel silver cover
          <Evan> differences:
          <Evan> magnet: ant = alnico 2, A6 = alnico 5
          <Evan> potting: ant = no, A6 = yet
          <Evan> cable: ant = single conductor braided shield, A6 = 4-conductor
          <ArtieToo> So, for a smooth jazz hollow-body, which would you choose?
          <Evan> i'd probably go for the A-6
          <ArtieToo> cool. They're about the same price, aren't they?
          <Evan> yah, they're both around a buck and a half
          <ArtieToo> Thats what I thought.
          <ArtieToo> I noticed on the website that Earl Klugh uses them.
          <ArtieToo> (A7, actually)
          <RobertS> My Conklin originally had Benedettos in it
          <ArtieToo> Conklin?
          <RobertS> yeppers
          <Evan> conklin makes great stuff
          <RobertS> Evan, I have 93001, it was the first Melttop
          <RobertS> Bill used it in the trade shows in 93
          <ArtieToo> Wow . . . those ARE nice looking.
          <RobertS> go to the gallery and look for the LP style melttop, thats my guitar
          <ArtieToo> ok
          <Evan> our custom shop does a lot of pickups for bill conklin
          <Evan> plus, he's a nice guy

          Near the end, Robert was refering to Conklin Guitars.



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            Re: Bendetto Humbuckers

            we have talked about all of this before and i still have not tried them. i need a good jazz guitar, anyone want to send me one with benedettos to try out?
            Cleveland Guitars


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              Re: Bendetto Humbuckers

              How do the Benedetto's fare when played through an overdriven amp?
              Ain't nothin' but a G thang, baby.