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  • Matthias Jabs Sound

    What would be the best pickup(s) to use to get the Scorpions sound? More specifically Matthias Jabs? I'm building an explorer and I cant really decide on which pickups to use so any help will be greatly appreciated

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    Re: Matthias Jabs Sound

    You cannot go wrong with a JB ...
    Matthias' sound was very processed, if you're talking about the Love at 1st Sting era ...

    Edit: Forgot to mention: that's a great tone to shoot for, actually!
    The Scorps always had a good tone.
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      Re: Matthias Jabs Sound

      the big bad JB !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mathis rocks!!!!!!!!!!
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        Re: Matthias Jabs Sound

        Would I use the JB in the bridge or neck? If I use it in the bridge, what would I use for the neck? And does anyone know what kind of amps Matt uses


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          Re: Matthias Jabs Sound

          The JB is a good choise, But I like the SH-11 Custom Custom For a
          good Scorpion's tone (or a Michael Schenker tone) It's hot like the JB
          but a little smoother. Witch ever you pick? You want your hot PuP in
          the Bridge. For the neck I'd go with a sweeter sounding PuP Like the
          APH-II. This will work good for the Scorps ballards. Like Twilight OD
          said Matthias has a processed tone. I don't know what he use's in
          his Signal chain, But I hear a hint of Chorus, Digital Delay and a
          nicely tweaked EQ?? I believe he use's Marshall amps.


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            Re: Matthias Jabs Sound

            Earlier tones were from Marshalls. Later on I believe he switched to Soldanos and possibly even Engl's.

            I agree on the choice of a JB though.
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              Re: Matthias Jabs Sound

              If Mathias's explorers were stock they would probably be Dirty Fingers pickups, Gibson just re-issued those if you want to give them a try.