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Pickups for LP swamp ash Studio?

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  • Pickups for LP swamp ash Studio?

    Right now I have the stock pickups that came with the guitar. The 490 and 498. As far as the bridge pickup goes the output is good and seems to be pretty balanced but the high E string does not have the same output as the rest. It's as if all the strings are on a volume of 10 while the high E is on 8. And yes, I've tried adjusting the pickups height as well as the pole pieces. So I'd like to find a bridge pickup where all strings will sound balanced, a pickup that's of approximate output (a tad less is okay but no more) and that has a bit more overall presence without being ice-pickey or thin sounding.
    The neck pickup is way muddy for me. Very dark. Again, I've tried adjusting it all but the result is not to my liking. I'd like to find a very clear and clean neck pickup with presence that sound's good on it's own or combined with the bridge pickup, and will work well played clean or with OD. Think of Jimmy Page's tone on 'How the West Was Won' when he's using both pickup's. It's not that I want to copy his tone, but the effect of it. Keep in mind that my Les Paul is swamp ash so it's a tad darker sounding. Thank's for your time.

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    Re: Pickups for LP swamp ash Studio?

    I've had the same experiance with the 498t in a swamp ash guitar (Jaguar) and the same muddy ness of the 490. Now I presonally like a dark sounding guitar. But, I found that if you get a Duncan distortion and replace the magnet with an alnico II. You will have a very well balanced pickup in the bridge. The alnico II takes off some of the evil Bass of the Ds, and Smooths out the Highs and give s a really well balanced pickup. Surpriseingly even sounds good clean. Thats what I got in the bridge of my swamp ash Jag, and it sounds magnificent. But keep in mind its a bolt neck Guitar and yer dealing with a set neck and just all the other massive differances. So I'de suggest a Alnico II pup. Perhaps even the 490t. Its actully a decent pickup despite what people say. It'll give ya the extra precence ya want. without splitting an ear drum. But thats just my opinion.

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