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just ordered the Breed

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  • just ordered the Breed

    any suggestions for the mid single coil between the Breed?


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    Re: just ordered the Breed

    Hey boogie; What kind of guitar, and what style of music you play, will help folks give you some suggestions.

    btw - If you split a Breed, does it become a half-breed?


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      Re: just ordered the Breed

      Originally posted by ArtieToo
      btw - If you split a Breed, does it become a half-breed?

      That's good....

      Seriously, the Breed is a great pickup especially if you want an LP-type sound in your 25.5 " scale basswood body with the huge tremolo guitar.... They're fairly mid-to-high output so I would lean toward something along those lines. Personally, I think a Vintage Rails would look and sound cool...
      -Butch Snyder

      Never cut your nose off to spite your face. It never grows back...


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        Re: just ordered the Breed


        Thanks guys. I am looking a warm, fat sound for rock, metal. In fact I donot often use 2 & 4 pickup position but my guitar is HSH route. Any single coil match the Breed to produce a WARM and kinda THICK STRAT & TELE sound(2,4 position)? The stock PAF Pro and the mid single coil produce a very thin and kinda cold tone.

        The DiMarzio tech suggested me A reverse-polarity Blue Velvet. I have no idea about that.