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Duncans similar to PRS#7 bridge pup, but "better"

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  • Duncans similar to PRS#7 bridge pup, but "better"

    Last week I posted a question about Duncan pups to get a Lynchesque tone into a T-O-M super strat guitar, but without really telling that I don't have ANY experience with Duncan pups, and that I don't really have to nail Georges tone. I do however have a great LP-clone guitar with a set of PRS #7's in it, and I actually like those pups quite a lot. The output seems about right to me (a little more wouldn't hurt though), and they are extremely clear and well defined under high gain. However, I wish they had a little more bass and that the treble strings (g,b,e) had smoother and fatter highs, they're a little too shrill/sharp sometimes. In terms of a Duncan pup that is somewhat similar to the PRS#7 pups (bridge), what should I be looking at? Which Duncan is most similar to the #7's, and is there one that could fit my criteria of how an improved #7 would sound like? Leaning towards JB or Distortion, or possibly Demon as I stated in my previous post.... Any input appreciated

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    Re: Duncans similar to PRS#7 bridge pup, but "better"

    That pretty much sounds like a Duncan Custom 5 to me. More bass, smoother highs, a little more output. That's the Custom 5 in spades.
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      Re: Duncans similar to PRS#7 bridge pup, but "better"

      It's either the Custom 5 or the Demon. You didn't say anything about a lead tone with full of hamonic power so teh JB would take a 3rd place.

      I found that a C5 in a long scale didn't work for me. I had to drop the PU height a bit more then usual and that made it loose its dynamic side.

      I had a Demon in a BC Rich Super Strat for over 13 years and it did everthing for me. The extra mids helps a lot for playing Lynch to Schenker to even Venom. It's a No Nonsense PU indeed.

      EDIT:> PRS PUs can benefit from some screw coil tweeking. You should be able to get a good balance from a #7 by adjusting the screw poles. Seems like your getting the same issues as I got when putting the C5 in a Strat.
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        Re: Duncans similar to PRS#7 bridge pup, but "better"

        how hot are the prs #7 pups wound? any idea?


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          Re: Duncans similar to PRS#7 bridge pup, but "better"

          The PRS #7 are really particular , full of mids and really bright. I really don't like those PUs !
          I don't see any Duncan sounding like a #7 , maybe the JB would be the nearest but it has more bass and less mids than the #7.
          The duncans tend to be scooped compared with the full of mids and highs PRS.
          About the output level, it's quite high on a PRS so the JB should fit also.

          I took away the #7 on my singlecuts , one is now equiped with Antiquities and the other one with SLb/'59n combo , but those PUs definitly don't sound like PRS PUs !
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            Re: Duncans similar to PRS#7 bridge pup, but "better"

            Thanks for the replies. Yes, the #7's are very bright, like I said, the treble strings are a little bit shrill even for a guy like me who likes bright pickups. I really like the rythm sound on the low strings (a little more bass wouldn't hurt though), but the lead sound of the treble strings isn't really happening for me. Sounds like the JB might be what I'm looking for, but the Distortion is also tempting to really get a nice pushed sound out of the amp. I heard the Custom 5 lacks mids, so I'm not that keen on that particular pickup. I want a tight but not overpowering bass, singing mids and smooth highs, and an overall fairly bright tone without the harshness/shrillness of the #7's.

            To Jeremy: The output is only about 8.5 KOhm for the bridge, but don't let that fool you. I think the magnets are very strong or something, cause I've heard a lot of people say that the output of the #7's is comparable to pickups at 12-14 KOhm