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The Jazzn, wow!

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    Re: The Jazzn, wow!

    Yeah motorhead and that's exactly what I like about the Air Norton. Clarity under high gain, huge picking attack, great harmonics, great response, and the clean ups are to die for. So amazing! I've mixed Duncans and DiMarzios once, and I'll do it again if I have to! But my top priority is an amp+cab after or perhaps before I get that KE2
    Jackson USA '98 Custom Shop KE2 w/ Duncan TB-4 JB(b) & Jazz(n)
    Gibson '87 Flying V Designer w/ Duncan Screamin' Demon (n) & Bill Lawrence L500XL (b)
    Fender '70 Stratocaster w/ stock pick ups

    VHT Ultralead plugged into a
    Marshall 2x12 Vintage
    Bogner Shiva oversized 1x12 cab (Celestion Classic Lead 80 loaded)

    (80's Gibson Dirty Finger pick ups (b&n) on the side)