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Dimarzio's V.V for strats.

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  • Dimarzio's V.V for strats.

    Anybody use em, how do you like them?
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    Re: Dimarzio's V.V for strats.

    i used a virtual2 middle (in the neck) and bridge in a frankenstrat for years and they sound good, but i sold them to a buddy of mine to make room for the classic stacks that are going in now. i like the virtual2's alot, a nice warm stratty sound. the vv are ok but i like the al2's better, they have a more balanced tone


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      Re: Dimarzio's V.V for strats.

      +1 for the classic stacks!


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        Re: Dimarzio's V.V for strats.

        I like them. Smooth and overall a tad dark, but no hum and there is still a nice sparkle. I like Duncan antiquities much better for a classic strat sound, but you have to deal with the hum. I like the virtual vintage Paf humbucker better than the virtual vintage single coils.