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matching pickups with amps

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  • matching pickups with amps

    i recently bought a new marshall combo (a tsl601) cause i wanted portability and the marshall sound that my boogie could not provide. My two favorite pickups are the emg85 and the JB, although i always prefered the emg85(amazing warm fat sound) through my mesa boogie dc5 combo to the JB.
    So, i tried my emg 85 equiped strat with my marshall and i found that my impressions of the emg85+marshall were the same to the ones i have read about actives:sterile, cold, and thin. On the other hand with the jeff beck i was getting a very nice sound with the marshall which was much much better than the one i was getting with the JB+boogie. So i just thought that every pickup is better suited to certain amps.....have you ever experienced that or am i getting old?

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    Re: matching pickups with amps

    Some soudns just mesh together, I guess.
    Ain't nothin' but a G thang, baby.