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  • Help me please...

    I just have a 1979 Gibson SG with a Seymour duncan pickup in the bridge position. It says PGBJ on the bottom of the pickup. Can anyone help me identify what type of pickup this is? Or perhaps give me a brief review and rating of this pickup. Thank you very much

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    Re: Help me please...

    Well I'm not too educated on history of duncan pickup model numbers and **** but PG could be Pearly gates and B could stand for bridge. Honestly I don't think it should be that big of a deal on what pup it is unless your just curious. If you like it keep it, if you hate it get rid of it and find what you like.
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      Re: Help me please...

      im just curious, thats all. Plus im not very educated when it comes to pups


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        Re: Help me please...

        yup a pg bridge, very cool pup. think billy gibbons


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          Re: Help me please...

          Yep, PGBJ = Pearly Gates- Bridge, wound by "J"
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