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Please help creating an original combo!!!

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  • brinton
    Re: Please help creating an original combo!!!

    with ash, alder, popular body. THanks for the Help j/k

    Actually if you want a really warm strat, I like one song that Yngwie Malmsteen does, Arpeggios From Hell. It's not really a traditional strat tone but it's a cool tone to me IMO. He uses dimarzio's Hs-3 and his signature YJM pups (also from dimarzio I'd reccomend a hs-2). The bass response is bumped up a bunch and it's warmth is nice. from duncan I'd suggest either the APS-II's or the Texas hots w/ custom bridge from duncans antiquity,

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  • edi_87
    started a topic Please help creating an original combo!!!

    Please help creating an original combo!!!

    Hi guys!
    At first i'd like to say "hi to all", 'cause this is my first post in this forum!

    A week ago i've bought a strange American Strat, with Ash/Alder/Poplar body (I don't know for sure), maple neck, rosewood fingerboard, and some strange tremolo, which looks like half-vintage.
    I want it to be nothing, but a WARM strat, with both: great cleans and distortion. I play mostly modern rock, modern jazz, jazz-rock, fusion, a lot of old covers (Iron Maiden, Guns&Roses), and just love the warm clean sounds for rhytm or warm heavy (almost) distortion for lead (need a lot of this in fusion).
    I was thinking about combination of JBJr (bridge), Cool Rails (neck), no idea for MIDDLE. Is this a good combo for me and my needs?? If yes, then what for middle?? Have you got any ideas of combos for me??
    PS: Sorry for my english...