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  • CC in Ash

    How would it sound? Vintage tremelo
    Last edited by Reckless Abandon; 11-07-2004, 04:51 PM. Reason: screwed up
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    Re: CC in Ash

    in a word...good, CC is a real mid heavy pup...ash is a bright wood and a trem will cut out some that sould sound real sweet.

    Dr. Barlo has or had a CC in an Ibanez with a Floyd (I think) sounded cool as hell
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      Re: CC in Ash

      Hails man
      in my charvel fusion deluxe(tuned in D) and with floyd rose... it sounds BOLD(not bassy), sweet/warm/VELVET TONE... But with crushing mids that i like.
      itīs an awesome pickup.
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        Re: CC in Ash

        I have a CC in my Ash Tele (in teh avatar). It sounds bright as hell!! I think the reason for this is not just the Ash body, though. It is mostly bercause of the steel bridge plate that surrounds the pick-up.


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          Re: CC in Ash

          Strange Day your avatar shows a single coil not a Custom Custom


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            Re: CC in Ash

            Sorry...Didn't mean to confuse you, Fusion1. The pic was taken BEFORE I installed the humbucker. It was a long, but fun process. I had to route out the body and pickguard, buy the new plate, and finally solder the wires. And it still sounds super bright!!
            Can't wait to work on my new Tele coming in!!


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              Re: CC in Ash

              Sweet! Got pics?


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                Re: CC in Ash

                Unfortunately, I don't have my camera w/ me anymore (long story)
                I'll take some more soon, though!!