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So I just bought a set of 59's ......

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  • So I just bought a set of 59's ......

    So I went down to Gutiar Center to get some new pickups for my Les Paul yesterday. A lot of pickups were out of stock, they only had a set of Duncan 59's, a Jazz, a Pearly Gates, and a Dimebucker there. I went down there with the intention of getting at least a new neck pickup.

    My original intention was to get a C5 and a Jazz for this guitar, but for some reason I went out on a limb and bought 59's for both the bridge and the neck. I think it's because I can't stand the Air Norton / Super Distortion combo and want it out of my guitar as soon as possible.

    I think I know what to expect from the 59 in the neck - smooth, warm, vintagey kind of tone and nice cleans... something that can scream with heavy distortion... right? What about the 59 in the bridge - what can I expect from that? I'm expecting a Led Zeppelin / Aerosmith etc. kind of classic Les Paul sound. But I'm already doubting that it's hot enough for my taste....

    If I don't like the 59 in the bridge I'm gonna switch that with the Screamin Demon in my Strat's middle position

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    Re: So I just bought a set of 59's ......

    The 59 set is pretty cool and I had a set in my 59 RI LP until just receintly installed a custom shop Jimmy Page set.

    The 59b is somewhat bright with great shimmer. It holds up extremely well under gain and stays very articulate. Through my Mesa gear it sounded incredible under gain and I couldn't have been happier, until the JP set got here.

    It is closer to Led Zep or Aerosmith sound than an Almann Bros type of thing, but it is pretty versatile. Through something like a JCM 800, that darkens up as the volume and gain gets closer to 10s it can really help to keep you out of the mud.

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      Re: So I just bought a set of 59's ......

      Cool, thanks.

      Like I said I have a DiMarzio Super Distortion in there and it's really not my thing. I've moved away from metal lately and need something that can nail classic rock and blues and whatnot, and anyways I honestly prefer my Strat for metal.

      Speaking of which... how tight is the bass on a 59b?


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        Re: So I just bought a set of 59's ......

        Hey Don. I'm sittin here right now playin a Les Paul with a 59 Bridge through a JCM 800 1/2 stack. The Bass is PLENTY Tight enough . It sounds plenty good to me !!! My other Les Pauls all have Pearly Gates in the Bridge, and I'm trying to decide which I like better. The Pearly really cuts, but..the 59 is sounding very " Balanced ". Both sound Great, sooo..... I'm gonna have a tough time deciding which I like better.
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          Re: So I just bought a set of 59's ......

          I hope you like the 59 bridge and neck! let us know because I am contemplating the 59 neck for my LP standard as I have the stock BB Pro neck. The C-5 bridge is just outstanding and can't say enough good things about that pickup in a Paul. I'll know lots more after Tuesday's practice.


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            Re: So I just bought a set of 59's ......

            The 59b is a greatsounding pu.
            I have a pair that I will use in a twin humbucker strat that I will stick togther later on.