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  • jeremy
    Re: pickup suggestions

    for bluesy rock i think i might go with an aps2 neck and twangbanger bridge if you want single coils or a lil 59 neck if you want bucker

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  • clint_41
    started a topic pickup suggestions

    pickup suggestions

    ok, so here's another one for u pickup gurus. ive got this '80s fender bullet, tele style, with 2 single coils in it. I measured the size of them, and they fit the size of the SD strat single coils. the pickups are stock, they are low output, and they sound pretty bad. Even though fixing up this guitar is not my top priority, i wana look into it now (something to do besides homework). so.... i need reccomendations for 2 single coils for this guitar. i want to get a real nice warm, open beatuiful tone from the neck, and a snappy, squacky, glassy tone from the bridge. mainly, im looking for a blues/rock guitar here. so, any suggestions? thanks for the help.