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    Hey guys, I just got my first set of Duncans, A PGn and a Blues Trembucker for my Ibanez JS. These pickups are absolutely perfect for me, so now I want to replace the Evolutions in my Rg550.
    The PG is THE neck pickup for me so I'm sticking with that, but for the bridge I'd like a hotter PG with more bass. I was wondering if anyone has an idea what an Alnico II Pro would sound like wound at 10-12K? Would it be too mushy for rhythm or would I just get more crunch?

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    Re: Custom Wound Pickup

    Well I haven't played any of the customs but I'm pretty sure one of them will do you good (Custom, CC, C5). If you want something hotter than the PG and a little more bass I'd reccomend the C5 considering it's described as a beefed up PAF (which is what the PG is, except with a very little twist). Also considering that the PG is a2 mag. it's bass is naturally softer and smoother. Whereas the C-5 is...... you get it. Something a little pricey to do would be buy a PG bridge and have Alnico 5 magnets swapped in. Wait for other feedback before you let my opinion in your head because I haven't played one of the customs yet plus I want to see what others think about an A5 PG.
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