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Help me find a mate for my APH

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  • Help me find a mate for my APH


    I'm looking a match for my Alnico II Pro which is currently living in my Les Paul bridge.

    I did the pickup guru thing and it told me Custom/59, and JB/Jazz (I think). Well, I want to keep the APH because I really like the nice clean sound it gives (think cool jazz), plus I already own it.

    I was considering Custom, Custom Custom and C-5. I read the descriptions, but am interested in real world experiences

    I like to play clean stuff on the neck, and rawkin' metal on the bridge. Yeah, I know a tough combo.

    Do any of you folks have any experience with any of the above combos?


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    Re: Help me find a mate for my APH

    If you go with a higher output bridge pickup, I bet you could put the Alnico II Pro bridge model in the neck and it would sound great. I would get a C5 for the bridge, and then put the Alnico II Pro in the neck.

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