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  • Xeromus
    Re: '59 with...?

    If you've already got a custom, a JB matches very well with a '59 neck also

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  • Iced Dragon
    started a topic '59 with...?

    '59 with...?

    Hello everybody,

    I had the '59-TB4 combination in my ESP Horizon (alder/ash body, not sure exactly) nice all-round combination but the TB4 seemed somewhat too trebly. Then I swapped the TB4 with the Distortion from my Jackson Dinky (all flamed maple body) since the distortion also had too much treble in this body. The TB4 does well in the maple body I must say, which I hadn't expected!
    Anyway, I'm looking for a nice all-round pup to match the '59. Should be able to give a lot of drive for metal/shred but does well clean too. Somehow, the Distortion hasn't fulfilled my expectations in either guitar. I was thinking of maybe getting a Custom Custom?
    I also have a Custom-Jazz combo in my RR1, so these aren't an option (since I want to collect a wide variety of pick-ups and thus sounds. I won't get rid of the Distortion for this reason too, someday, I'll find a guitar that suits well with this pup).

    What do you guys think?
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