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strat rewire single coils?

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  • jeremy
    Re: strat rewire single coils?

    actually i think the aps/aps/twangbanger set is the shizzle
    ive been using it in a maple neck strat for a year or so and i never get tired of it

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  • Benjy_26
    Re: strat rewire single coils?

    In my 62RI, I have an old Albert Lee set, which is very similar to an APS flat set with a steel plate under the bridge pickup. I really like the tone I get. If you like strats, but want a hotter bridge pickup, I think that the APS flats in the neck and mid with a Custom Flat at the bridge would be hard to beat in a production single coil set.

    For HSS, I'd just swap out the Custom flat for the CC.

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  • Luke Duke
    started a topic strat rewire single coils?

    strat rewire single coils?

    Well I've been jonesing for some strat tone (listening to rock me by Great White didn't help) so I think I'm gonna pull my current pickguard and put on a SSS or maybe SSH one. My A2PH bridge in my heritage made me a believer in A2 mags thoughts are:


    Neck A2 pro neck, classic stack neck

    Middle A2 pro middle, classic stack middle

    Bridge A2 pro bridge, custom bridge, hot stack bridge


    Neck A2 pro neck

    Middle A2 pro middle

    Bridge CC or distortion

    or............. to be completely different

    HSS livewire set classic classic metal

    What are your takes on the staggered mags or flat etc. I love my QP's in my tele but want a definite strat sound. Maybe I'll sell my strat as is and buy a new one and redo it.