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Fender Silent "HOT" Pickups

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  • Fender Silent "HOT" Pickups

    Hey All,

    Does anybody have any experience with these new PUPs? Guess they were designed for Jeff Beck's signature strat. I like the regular silent PUPs but I guess their supposed to be a bit hotter sounding...........
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    Re: Fender Silent "HOT" Pickups

    I think you mean the "noiseless" single coils, the "hot" Jeff beck version.

    to me they sound awsome. and when i get the money i'm going to buy a set.


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      Re: Fender Silent "HOT" Pickups

      All I know is that they use ceramic magnets.


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        Re: Fender Silent "HOT" Pickups

        yeah the hots Use Ceramic mags

        but the normal noiseless use A5's


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          Re: Fender Silent "HOT" Pickups

          If you're talking about the Hot Noiseless (also found on Ritchie Sambora strat), my friend has one of those (Sambora Strat) and they aren't that bad for "hot" SC's. A tad sterile sounding, but we're both using lots of efx (pink floyd tribute band) so... barely noticeable.
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