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will this work...(spacing issue)

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  • will this work...(spacing issue)

    Will a Trembucker fit in place of a standard Gibson spacd pickup...I'm unsure of the spacing right now, but I can tell you that a standard Duncan pup or a Gibson Classic 57 will line up perfectly...knowing that...will a Trembucker fit, or is it a waste of time?

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    Re: will this work...(spacing issue)

    I have a nickel covered JB, std spacing, and it's very slightly off (AFAIK newer Gibsons have a slightly wider bridge spacing, can't figure out why though), so I'm guessing a tb will slightly more off, but in the other direction.
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      Re: will this work...(spacing issue)

      Just measure it up and see. Strangely enough, my Strat lines up better with regular spacing. I tried a trembucker awhile ago and it was way off.