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treble loss when rolling back volume knob???

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    Re: treble loss when rolling back volume knob???

    This thread got confusing


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      Re: treble loss when rolling back volume knob???

      Yep, depending on how deep ypour understanding of electrical engineering is

      Either way, we´ve wandered
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        Re: treble loss when rolling back volume knob???

        The diagram we sell with our LP wiring kits helps a lot with this problem. It's different from either the 50's or standard wiring. You can also add a treble bypass if needed.

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          Re: treble loss when rolling back volume knob???

          Originally posted by Kent S.
          There are only three real ways, buffer it before it hits the volume control like
          aleclee said, use the '50's which just kind turns the tone control up as you turn the volume down, it also reduces the effectiveness of the tone control when turned down when the volume is turned down as well, or use a RC or C across the hot and wiper of the volume pot, the last one tends to create a treble boost at lower volumes, if scaled correctly though it can just presevre the high end, but that's only at one setting, at lower settings it creates an actually boost. It's personal preferrence really, the '50's is the easiest to implement (no extra parts), then comes the RC or C filter, then comes the preamp/buffer and volume control replacement ... that is probably the most natural sounding one (given the pre amp of course), then comes the '50's mod, and then the high pass filter set up.
          So to recap, there you go, using lower impedance pup's isn't an option if you like what you have. Look again ... at the above post ... it's all there listed in effect created, and in easy of implementing into your situation.
          An RC or just C across the volume will be a treble boost at lowered volume settings, the '50's will retain the normal highs at the expense of the tone control not cutting as deep when the volume is lowered; a buffer between the pup selector and replacing the volume will a lower impedance pot will give the most natural retention of highs without any lessening a tone control action or boosting of the treble (tone stage hooks *before* buffer).
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            Re: treble loss when rolling back volume knob???

            Originally posted by rspst14
            I'm not a big fan of using high pas filters on the volume pot to retain highs. I tried a 560 pf cap in my Hamer, and there was way too much treble when the volume was turned down, even though the BBQ/A2P is a warmer sounding pickup set. When I get around to rewiring it, I'm going to wire it with the 50's mod to see if I like that a little better.

            I experimented with different pf caps till i found the one value that kept the treble balanced as the vol knob was turned down ... The 160 pf cap was right for my twin bucker guitar. Higher values made things too trebley as vol was turned down, just as you say.