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Gold Magnets?

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    Re: Gold Magnets?

    Originally posted by Davey

    i give you the brown sound fiasco, but you sir, dont know good tone. seriously. if you didnt get a good tone out of a pod you havent tweaked it properly period. changing everything on it is not relevant. you have to tweak the right things. it's not the real deal, thats given, but i dare you. if you dont know with what it's been recorded with you wont know that it wasnt a pod... digitalised. give me a ****ing break.
    i never said all of my sounds are good. far from it, but some of em are just as good as the real deal.

    Let me clear things up here a bit....

    I hate to come off harsh but you shouldn't be telling anyone they don't know good tone with those clips on your page....and yes I realize that tone is subjective. Those clips epitomize the "solid state" sound as they are almost all harsh and buzzy with no body. Again, I hate to be harsh but I'm just calling it like I see it.

    On another note, I do agree with you for the most part that you can dial in sounds on a POD that are completely interchangeable with a tube amp on tape....I've seen enough "blind taste tests" on multiple message boards and if the person is good at dialing in the POD, he/she can fool pretty much anybody.

    And with the PODXT it's only closer at this point IMO as I've used them both, however, admittedly I'm not as good at dialing it in as some of the best users are.


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      Re: Gold Magnets?

      Take it easy guys
      i donīt want my friends fighting on the board.
      eheheh i NEVER did this. take it easy. letīs keep things clean and not RUSHED.
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