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  • Splitting coils

    Okay, this is a rephrase from a previous post I deleted.....

    I installed a Hotrails in the bridge of my strat to get better response from tapping techniques as well as pinch harmonics. Definitiely an aggressive pup, I am impressed with the 5th position. When installed according to the provided instructions, the 4th position had some noise. I reversed the black and green wires as suggested "should any problems with polarity occur." Well, the noise is still present and now the tones are bright and brittle.

    I guess the main question is this:

    If you combine the HB in the bridge with the SC in the middle, would that still be hum-cancelling. Or..... Do I need to split the bridge pup to combine with the middle pup?
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    Re: Splitting coils

    You need to split the HB. Otherwise you have an "uncancelled" coil picking up noise.