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    I know there are 1000 threads asking similar questions, but the answers are not so clear....

    I currently have a Hotrails in the Bridge which I like for the hard rock/heavy metal tones it produces.

    For the neck, I would like to drop a Lil '59 in so that I can have the PAF tone for classic rock as well as the jazz tones.

    That leaves the middle pup. I want it to be a general use, well-rounded pup that will compliment both the 59 and the Hotrail when used in the 2nd and 4th positions. I have not ruled out using a HB, but I would obviously use push-pull knobs to split if I went with all 3 HB's.

    Now for the suggestions, let them roll.....

    BTW, I would still like to conjure up some SRV/bluesy tones.

    Thanks for your time and advice,
    ~ Life In Every Breath~

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    Re: Pup Ensemble

    cool rails in the neck and vintage rails on the middle will suit your hotrails in the bridge just perfect. if you are going for a lil 59 in the neck, a lil 59 or jb jr in the middle would be nice.
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