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A Quick Dimarzio Evo review in a RG750

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  • A Quick Dimarzio Evo review in a RG750

    Hi Guys,

    Both the Evo's (in a RG750) are very articulate, creamic magnet to drive them. They are rated at 13k, 11k. Basically, if you have a hard(ish) picking attack and have strong, accurate fingering. The Evo's are the best. I think a fellow like Vhoholic would pull them off superbly .

    If you plan to do a bit of low down grinding rock or do any chord stumming (maybe except arppegios) then they have terrible, harsh, shrill, etc overtones.

    I could also descibe them as great weapons when your on top of your game. The notes punch out really well if your picking and phasing and your chord type, appegio shaking style riffing are 'on' (hope you got that). But you can forget about those rythym, chord strumming, type tunes .

    Also Dimarzio obviously tuned for the g & b strings for a cool "D chord". That 'shape' translates well up the fretboard as Vai seems to like that technique.

    They were nice to try but I wouldn't keep em', there a couple of fine pups out there that sound almost as 'rude' when you drive them and have nice chord tones.

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    Re: A Quick Dimarzio Evo review in a RG750

    I have this pickup and you are pretty much right. It's a great pickup IMO...but it would be suited best in a really dark meaty sounding guitar. I had it in a super strat and it was bright like a JB and EQ'd somewhat similar but a touch more "brittle" sounding. The truth be told, a JB can sound brittle at times too but this pickup had a bit more of that....but the good part about it was that it was VERY punchy with leads and VERY VERY tight. If you are a speed mechanic, this is for you.

    On the other hand, if you want to try a pickup that is equally as tight but not as shrill....give the Drop Sonic a shot. It reminded me very much of the Evo in tightness but the EQ was directed more towards the lower mids than the upper mids...really cool pickup you don't hear alot about.


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      Re: A Quick Dimarzio Evo review in a RG750

      THANKS for the review! More reviews of the EVO's would be welcomed! ^_^


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        Re: A Quick Dimarzio Evo review in a RG750