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Need pickup suggestion for my RG

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  • Need pickup suggestion for my RG

    I need pickup suggestions for my RG2120X which has mahogany body and maple neck+rosewood fingerboard.

    I will be playing probably from pop, classic rock, to nu metal and 80s metal.

    It currently has stock DiMarzio/IBZ pups which I found to be quite decent. I like the bridge but the neck just... sucks bad!

    I prefer to have better metal sound as well (especially 80s), since it also has a piezo system which I can use for softer stuff.

    I'm playing thru modellers, mainly ToneLab SE and sometimes PODxt.

    Thank you.

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    Re: Need pickup suggestion for my RG

    Hey welcome to the forum Loopback!

    I would think a JB-b/Jazz-n would suit you fine. Set them up for a spliting coils as well and you'll be covered for everything you've listed.
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      Re: Need pickup suggestion for my RG

      JB/Jazz sounds like a winner
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        Re: Need pickup suggestion for my RG

        That's a nice guitar, welcome to the forum!

        The JB is great for most stuff you described but I can't really imagine it doing serious NU-Metal. However it's a dead on pick up for the rest of the music you want to cover. For a little more agression and tight low end look into the Custom for the bridge, that pick up can probably cover everything you just mentioned

        For the neck the Jazz is pretty cool, if you want fat leads, grungy modern/'90 riffs, punchy and smooth sound, but also very articulate and clear (if you're a sloppy player don't get it). The clean sound is beautiful. Do a search on the Jazz if you want a good description, I did one a few days ago and posted a little shred clip.
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