Ok, I have a PRS CE24 and I just can't get exactly what I want. I decided to do something crazy and put 2 single coil sized pickups in a humbucker spot. I am pretty sure I'm putting two strat sized 59' humbuckers as the humbuckers (perhaps a JB bridge instead?). I'm not sure what single coils to put in there though. I'm not really looking to combine them. I just want the single coil option and the humbucker option (anything more is a bonus). My question is regarding single coils as I have very little experience with them other than knowing that I love their dynamic range and twang. I am looking for a single coil with a more midrangey cut in the bridge (somewhat of a p90 sound, meatier single coil). I was thinking perhaps the "hot" model (but don't really know). For the neck I want something more along the lines of articulate, defined, warm (NOT MUDDY). Any suggestions? I use the neck mainly for cleans and bridge is mainly for overdriven tones.