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    I need a neck pickup to go good with a JB. THe guitar is gonna be a Jackson DK2 import[alder body, H S S] Im replacing the bridge with a jb and i was thinking about a lil screamin deamon for the neck. I use the neck pickup quite a bit and i would like it to stay pretty clear when distorted , close to the jb in output and still sound ok clean. any suggestions other than the lil screamin deamon?

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    Re: Pickup advice

    i dont know anything about the lil screamin demon, except that its bright.
    im guessing, due to your name, that you'll be wanting a shreddin' neck pickup.

    hmmmmmmm..... how about a JB jr?
    or a lil 59, my guitar teacher has one of those in his strat. it sounds amazing.
    or maybe if you want to go all out shred, a hot rails could work for ya good!
    but since i also am in a search for a good neck single coil, i'll wait to hear what comes up after me


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      Re: Pickup advice

      I'll agree w/ lil '59
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