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Hot Rails vs Jeff Beck Jr....

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  • Hot Rails vs Jeff Beck Jr....

    Which one of them is more versatile? Which one has better clean and dist? Let's begin the round no1!!

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    Re: Hot Rails vs Jeff Beck Jr....

    Both! Hehe. I have a hotrails in the bridge and JB junior in the neck of my strat. They work very well for what I do. I play mostly hard rock/heavy metal with some classic rock mixed in. I've never tried the JB Jr in the bridge, but I did have a JB in the bridge of my les paul and I didn't like it. The hot rails has great, punchy, heavy sounding, crunchy distortion for my rythym. The JB Jr. has great harmonics and sustain for my leads when I play it in the neck position. I can get pretty good clean sounds out of both as well, although I do have to tame the hotrails a bit at times. (just lowering the volume) The Jb sounds great and bluesy clean. I don't have the right middle pickup, so I can't comment how they all sound together right now.