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  • Pickup suggestions

    Well I'm currently using EMGs the 81 in the bridge and 60 the neck on my LP.
    Its a great combo that suits my playing style but I'm getting more and more allergic to the sterilness of EMGs so I'm looking for something new.

    I've always liked Slash lead sound so I'm thinking about putting a Alnico II in the neck. Just something that doesnt really sound like a fullsized humbucker and has great cleans?

    And for the bridge I've considered Pearly Gates (or the Seth Lover).
    I really dont know what I've should choose I want somehing that is a bit similar to the EMG81 that can scream something like old Skid Row solos with lots of pinch harmonics :/

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    Re: Pickup suggestions

    I have the C-5 and have used the JB and would recommend one of these. You don't want it to sound like a full sized humbucker?


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      Re: Pickup suggestions

      Yeah something between singelcoil and a humbucker.
      So i think the Alnico II Pro would be perfekt :S

      And I dont really like the JB at all.


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        Re: Pickup suggestions

        APH-1 is a full humbucker, it is just a good one.
        Have one in my Wolfgang, it replaced my 59 there.
        I used it with a Screamin' Demon.
        Lots of versatility and good sounds.