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  • Pickup Help! :-)

    whats up guys,

    im looking to buy new pickups for my crappy guitar.

    it is a crown guitar SG style.
    i picked it up at my local muscians swap meet for 80 dollars.
    theres really nothing good about guitar except the fact that it looks cool but sounds like absolute crap.

    it is make out of poplar the nexk is ebony and is bolt on.

    im looking to buy some new duncans for it.

    i play mostly emocore style music.

    i was thinking maybe some duncan distortions in the birdge and 59's in the neck.

    what kind of sounds could i acheive using this?


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    Re: Pickup Help! :-)

    the distortion is much more versatile than it's name implies - it'll cover a lot of different music styles with good results..

    the 59n seems to divide opinions in this forum - some like it, some prefer the Jazz (n). again, don't be put off by the name - its still very versatile.

    just as a reference point, Distortion/Jazz is the combo jerry horton (papa roach) uses. might be worth dipping into some of their records to investigate..

    still, you seem to have a good starting point with the distortion

    welcome to the board, man